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Zapain 30mg/500mg

What is Zapain?
Zapain is a medication intended for the relief of moderate to severe pain. It has two active ingredients which are Paracetamol and Codeine. It is indicated for patients who are older than 12 years old in the treatment and management of pain that is not cured by analgesics as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. It comes in four various strengths; the strongest among them can only be availed via doctor’s prescription.

How does Zapain work?
Zapain tablets have paracetamol 500 milligrams and codeine 15-30 milligrams as prescribed by doctors. It is used in providing short term relief for moderate to severe pain among adults 18 years old and over. It is also used by adults aged 12-18 years old, when available analgesics as ibuprofen and paracetamol are found ineffective. It allows short term relief for mild to moderate pain resulting from migraine, headaches, dysmenorrhea sore throat, toothache, muscle pain, joint pain, rheumatic pain, backache, and sciatica. It is advised to be used only when other painkillers available are found unable to cure or manage pain.

Zapain is found potent in blocking pain receptors from sending signals to the brain making pain bearable or at some instances totally gone. It reduces the level of pain experienced by patients.

What are the benefits of Zapain?
Zapain is a kind of pain killer consisting of Codeine Phosphate and Paracetamol. Codeine works as a pain killer often known as opioid. This kind of pain killer work by copying the action of pain-reducing hormones known as ‘Endorphins.’ Endorphins are produced in the spine and brain of the human body. Codeine works the same way as endorphins blocking the pain signals from transmitting to the brain making the pain manageable.

On the contrary, Paracetamol is an analgesic with pain killing attributes that help relieve pain ranging from moderate to severe pain levels. It is thought to produce prostaglandin to the brain and spine. These prostaglandins are nerve endings that are hypersensitive and cause pain. By combatting their production, paracetamol helps improve our tolerance to pain.

How do I use Zapain?
Zapain can be taken with or without a meal. Zapain comes in tablet, caplet, or capsule form that can be swallowed with a glass full of water. The Zapain soluble or effervescent tablet can be dissolved in a glass of water before taking it with or without meals.

Zapain dosage
Adults 18 years of age and over can take 1-2 Zapain tablets every 4-6 hours as prescribed by your physician to relieve pain symptoms. Do not take more than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period.

Adults aged 12-18 years old can take 1-2 Zapain tablets every 4-6 hours as prescribed. Do not take more than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period.

Do not take Zapain tablets more than the recommended dosage.

Never take Zapain tablets for longer than prescribed by a medical health care professional. Taking it for an extended period of time can lead to tolerance and addiction to codeine, so ask your doctor about taking it for an extended period of time. If you happen to obtain Zapatin without prescription, do not take it for longer than 3 days without further consultation with your physician. Zapain must not be used by adults aged 12-18 years old for longer than 3 days. Ask your doctor’s advice if your condition does not improve or it worsens after taking Zapatin.

Side effects and precautions
Drugs and their side effects impact individual people in various ways. Below are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with Zapain. Zapain has codeine and it produces the usual opioid side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, confusion, constipation, lightheadedness, and urinary problems. Moreover, tolerance and dependence on the drug can occur in extended use with high dosage codeine medications.

The regular and prolonged use of codeine is sure to lead to tolerance and addiction to the drug. Patients experience irritability, restlessness, and other adverse effects as a result of prolonged codeine use. The prolonged use of pain killers for headaches can make the pain worse.

Side effects of Paracetamol are as follows:

Blood related disorders
Lymphatic system disorders
Respiratory disorders
Immune system disorders
Rashes and hypersensitivity
Anaphylactic shock
Skin problems
Do not breastfeed when using Zapain as it is believed to pass through breast milk. Always inform your doctor if you are having any treatments, if you have any, including dental treatments.

Do not take if you have hypersensitivity to codeine or paracetamol. Also, if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients found on Zapain.

Do not use Zapain if you have –

Respiratory problems
Acute asthma attacks
Head injuries
Had biliary tract surgery
Raised cranial pressure
Pediatric patients, those aged 0-17 years old that has undergone adenoidectomy or tonsillectomy must altogether avoid using Zapain.

Zapain is a prescription-only drug. Always follow use and treatment as advised by your nurse, pharmacist, or medical doctor.

How do I buy Zapain online?
You can safely buy Zapain online at Hi-healthline. You will need first to have an online consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied. The online consultation will ensure that Zapain is the right medication for your medical condition.

Treatment information

  • Product Name: Zapain
  • Manufacturer: Mercury Pharma
  • Active Ingredient(s): Paracetamol 500 mg and Codeine Phosphate 30 mg
  • Administration: Oral
  • Presentation: Tablets or Capsules
  • Available Strength: 30/500 mg
  • Exemption: Prescription only medication
  • Application: Men and women over 18
  • Dosage: Take one to two – every six to eight hourly as needed
  • Description: Pain Relief
  • Drug Class: Opioid (Analgesic)
  • Alcohol Consumption: Do not drink alcohol while taking Zapain.
  • When Pregnant: Do not consume Zapain
  • When Breastfeeding: Do not consume Zapain

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